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Tattoo FAQ

  Ready for a Commitment?


Tattoos are the only thing that you can purchase that will last forever. The can be very expensive. The do hurt. They can take a lot of time to complete. However, if you truly want to be tattooed, it will be worth it in the end because it will be yours forever.


   Portfolios Matter


Every tattoo artist has their own style; some are talented with black and grey, some with color. Some are better with traditional, others with realism. This list goes on, but when choosing an artist its important to select on based upon their ability to create your ideal tattoo.


   Communication is Everything


In order to get your ideal tattoo, you must be able to convey your ideas clearly to your tattoo artist. Picture references are one of the best ways to get your point across. The more you have, the easier it is for your artist to understand your vision. Images from the internet, tattoo magazines, and your own basic sketches are all good starting points. However, remember tattoo artists are not ink jet printers. They create tattoos because they are artists. Its always good to give your artist room to expand upon your idea to make it one of a kind.


   Cleanliness is Key


Getting a tattoo is not any different than getting surgery.


The artist is breaking the surface of your skin causing an open wound. You need to trust your artist to make sure the procedure is clean and sanitary. Once you leave the studio its up to you to follow the aftercare instructions your artist gives you, much like follow-up instructions form your physician after surgery.


   Body Placement.


Tattoos are meant to accent the body, not disrupt it. Flowing with the curves is what naturally works best. For aesthetic purposes, it is also good to use each space on your body to its fullest potential. The artwork should be sized and placed strategically to best compliment both the piece and the body. Some pieces look best on a flat surface, such as the back or the chest. Others are created to fit areas such as the arm or leg. Your artist can best guide you in the area.


   Smaller Means Simpler


Different styles of tattoos have different size requirements. This is important because skin has different limitations than paper or canvas. You must also take into consideration how the tattoo will age over time. We’ve all seen the older generation of tattoos on those who were in the armed services, and how they appear now that they have aged 50 years or so. Certain styles age better than others. It is important to listen to your tattoo artist about the size requirements for your piece.


   Respect: You Get What You Give


Believe it or not, the cornerstone of the tattoo industry is respect. Here are a few key points to remember:


• When you get a price quote, don’t haggle, its rude and will not change anything.

• Be on time to your appointment and know your shop’s attendance policy.

• Tipping: Never required, always appreciated.

• Respect your artist and their shop as you would respect any other type of licensed professional in a business setting.


   Have Trust in Your Artist


From size, to body placement, to general advice about an idea, its important to consider the advice your tattoo artist offers you. After all, this is their job and their life’s passion. They know what they are talking about. Their first priority is to not only give you your ideal tattoo but to try to make it better than you imagined. Plus, they take into account factors such as the limitations skin has as a canvas.


   Its Well Worth the Wait


Creating your idea tattoo takes time: from the initial communication, to the artist creating the drawing, to the time it takes to place it in your skin. Some artists have appointments readily available, some book up to years in advance. If you find an artist you love, its well worth the wait. After all, you’ve lived you entire life so far without the tattoo, and taking the time to find your favorite artist will ensure you receive a tattoo you will love for the rest of your life.