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About Us

Independent studio, Gypsy Moon Custom Tattoo, is a classy little boutique where every design is drawn with care and love. Owned by professional musican and artist, Jasper Mae Corcoran aka Jasper Night. Gypsy Moon offers fully custom tattoos and artwork. All of the ink used is organic and vegan.


Gypsy Moon was established in January of 2015. Although our little cove of magic is young, our artists have years of experience not only in the field of tattoos, but also in all fields of fine art. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best custom tattoo experience we can give.


Unlike most shops, Gypsy Moon is a private, by= appointment only studio, or our artists can schedule times when they accept walk-ins. We do this to make sure all of our artists are happy and comfortable creating, tattooing, and working during the times they enjoy the most. Believe me, a happy artist equals higher quality work. Here at Gypsy Moon, we want to create a deeper and more meaningful experience between you and your tattoo artist.


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